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reliable medications buy dapoxetine usa Brandon Woelfel - One of the team's main inspirations, his work focuses on light on the subject. He commonly uses fairy-lights and Bokeh to create many of his aesthetic shots. He mostly uses colors in the red and blue spectrum with some emphasis on white to "paint" his photos (and by paint, we mean shoot and edit).

buy viagra kamagra online Jerry Maestas - Another inspiration to the team, his work focuses on creating a 70's vibe. The subjects are often dressed in vintage-like clothing to complement the era, and Maestas's color editing has a washed-out feel, trying to make the photographs seem like they were taken in the 70's. His consistency is something we strive for in foci.

Derrick Freske - Freske's work may not have a consistent pattern; it is more experimental. Some of his pictures have some overlay editing, in which two pictures are superimposed on top of each other to create an artsy effect. Others also play with light through projections of images on the subject and some background Bokeh effects. His experimental shot inspired many of the shots here in foci.

Justin Vaseur - Although a little bit risque, his works focuses purely on subjects. Given his experience in creating style lookbooks for clothing companies like scrtsociety, he poses subjects with ease and takes wonderfully striking photos of them in their element. We hope as foci that we can follow in his footsteps to pose fashion and models with ease as Vaseur does.

The Luminous Landscape - This is the article when the term "Bokeh" is coined by photographer Mike Johnston. Here, he explains what bokeh is and vents some his frustration for those who don't think blurry parts of the photo are valid. I share his frustration because even though this may sound as a juxtaposition, the team likes to put blurry Bokeh as the focus of some of our photos. This is a good read to discover more about the history of Bokeh.

Photography Life - This is a wonderful website for those who want to get into or learn more about photography. It contains articles, reviews, and tips by other fellow experienced photographers, who love to share their knowledge to starters. The link directs to a beginner's guide, which is something I find very essential when capturing photos: understanding the relationship between ISO, shutter speed, and aperture and their relevance to exposure. So if you are a new and aspiring photographer, I recommend you give this guide a read.