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purchase clomid online australia This is a before (top) and after (lower) picture of one of Brandon Woelfel's work, and it sheds some light (pun not intended) on how Woelfel edits his pictures. I will point out some differences between the before and after and give you my thoughts of his edits.


In the unedited before picture, you can how the picture is normally contrasted. In great low-light photos, details are picked up on the camera even though in real life our eyes normally don't pick them up. Woelfel manages to recover some details in the picture by lowering the contrast and brightening shadows. For example, in the before photo, you may not notice the small badge on the front of her hat until you saw the after photo. And the curtains behind her are more recognizable and lit up in the after photo compared to the before photo.

Usually I like to keep some contrast when editing my photos. It helps keep a good balance between light and dark areas. With the nature of OLED screens and an increased favoritism to vibrant and deep, dark colors, there's an huge emphasis on contrast today. However, even though Woelfel's after picture may not be as clean or focused as his before picture, he wants to emphasize the light in the picture, so I understand his choice to lighten up the dark.


Something else that is blatantly noticeable is there are more specs of light on the left side of the windowpane in the after photo than the before photo. If you look closely, the reflection of the fairy-lights are also added to the subject's glasses in the after picture. Woelfel commonly uses Photoshop to add more details or alter colors in his photos to his liking.

Normally, I don't like using Photoshop to enhance my photos. I enjoy the simplicity of what the pictures present, whether it is a subject, landscape, etc, so I don't feel the need to use Photoshop to add more details in. But looking through Woelfel's work, I understand he likes his pictures to be very colorful and full, so he uses Photoshop to fill in any spaces that are empty to make them more interesting, which I can appreciate.

I feel bad critiquing one of my favorite inspirations without referring you to him, so please go support and check or out!

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